— What’s Spa Junkie all about, anyway? —


We live it every day – that Spa Junkie thing – so when someone asks us what Spa Junkie does, we have to stop for a second a think about how best to describe it. Because we’re more than just a Spa aren’t we?
(hint: yes!)

So what is Spa Junkie all about? 
That’s simple.

We’re all about you. We’re about making you feel like the best version of yourself. We’re about giving you time to enjoy your “me time” and to leave us feeling just a little more confident than you did when you walked through the door. We’re about making sure you know how much you mean to us, that we get you, and we really are always that happy to see you (yes, really).

We offer advanced skin care solutions (consultations and execution), waxing, sugaring, brow shaping, and make up services in the Ottawa area. Plus, a boutique that is always stocked with beautiful (mostly Canadian-Made) jewelry and accessories – the perfect gift for you or someone you love (and yes, that can also be you!). But no, we don’t do nails!

We’re also committed to being the best at what we do. We spend time learning about new products and techniques, choosing the ones we have the most confidence in and the ones we know will be best for you. We share our knowledge and experience to hone and perfect our craft. And that’s all for you too.

If you know us, you know exactly what we mean. There is just something about Spa Junkie that is simultaneously calming and energizing…and we love it (almost as much as we love being able to share it with you)!

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— what our junkies say —

— fanatic facts —

Our team are all spa junkies in their own right. We’re passionate about what we do,
which is why we spend our waking hours honing our craft – it’s a beautiful thing.
That’s how we know you’ll love your visit to Ottawa’s Best Spa.

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Phone 613-565-4565 /
219 Laurier Ave. W Ottawa, ON K1P 5J6
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