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There is often some confusion when we talk about sugaring services in the “southern region.” Before we explain what is what, here are a few facts about this amazing product!

Sugaring is not new. It is an ancient art that has been used all over the globe to remove hair gently, with less breakage and discomfort.

Sugaring is natural. Made from water, sugar and lemon, this miraculous paste looks and smells like honey! When the sugar mixture is used to remove hair in the direction of its growth, it simultaneously collects dead skin cells and gently conditions.

Unlike wax, sugar does not need to be heated to a high heat, thus eliminating the chance of burns in your sensitive areas. (We like this one!)

The most brilliant of results occur when the sugaring method is used frequently. With regular sugaring the hair follicles can eventually collapse, resulting in finer hair in less amounts. This way, over time, hair removal actually gets easier!

Hair can be removed at only 1/8 of an inch. This is much shorter than the wax method of removal.   

Add in the fact that there are no strips, no mess, and no double dipping in the old wax pot, sugar proves to be safe and gentle, with less waste left to add to your local landfill.

Questions are regularly posted to our esthetic’s professionals at Spa Junkie about what indeed constitutes a bikini wax. Our Jessica has drawn up a little guide to help you navigate through it all.

The Bikini.

Generally considered to be what is exposed on the bikini line in your one piece bathing suit. The barbers equivalent of “ a little off the sides.” 

The Extended Bikini.

Hair exposed when wearing your two piece bathing suit. So a little off the sides AND the top!

Bikini and Beyond.

Typically a touch more than the extended bikini but also includes the derriere.


Every little bit from front to back (although if you want to leave a “ landing strip” that is always an option!). Once cleaning into the “ lip” area, the service is considered a Brazilian. 

Our prices are indicated on spajunkie.ca. As well, Alex and her reception staff are happy to help answer any of your questions. Generally, the more hair removed, the higher the cost of the service with first time treatments being the most expensive and maintenance (within the recommended time period) the least.

We LOVE to answer your questions! Thank you for visiting us and your continued patronage!

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