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Hey Spa Junkies! It’s finally spring! It’s been a long, cold winter, and throughout that winter, our professionals have been working, learning and perfecting new techniques so that when you finally take those first steps into the sunshine, you are looking out through the most beautiful eyes possible.

Eyelash Lift ottawa

By now you have undoubtedly heard of Lash Extensions, the process in which lash-like hair is bonded to your own lashes to create a full, luxurious look.  The results can be stunning, but require much upkeep as re-fills have to be done when old lashes shed and new ones grow in.  Extensions, over time, can also dry out lashes. There is also an investment in the time it takes for application, as well as the cost.  All of these pros and cons were debated as we decided which new services to bring to our clients and that’s why Spa Junkie has opted instead to offer the Eyelash Lift. While both of these services are more of an investment than a tube of mascara, the Eyelash Lift gives you more for your money, in that it lasts longer, costs less and requires less upkeep.

The Lash Lift, which is basically a perm for your lashes using a keratin based solution, does exactly what the name suggests. It ‘lifts” and curls your own lashes, the results being an easy, maintenance free, natural look that lasts from 8 until up to 12 weeks. The procedure takes an hour tops, and you can opt to have your lashes tinted which means NO mascara and waking up “done” for the duration.  If you do not tint, it is absolutely safe to apply mascara over a Lash Lift. In short, the Lash Lift is the easiest way to magnify and make the most out of your very own eyelashes.  Nothing is added, meaning nothing need be removed. You can reapply as often as you like, or choose to let your own new lashes grow out without commitment.                                        

Right now, Spa Junkie is offering 25% off Lash Lift services with selected estheticians.

To learn more about this service and what else we have on offer this spring check out www.spajunkie.ca or call our reception desk.

Happy spring everyone!


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