— So, it’s November —


That dark month between fall weddings and Christmas festivities feels tiresome and boring with little in the way of excitement. BUT experience has taught us differently. It has taught us that these in-between months are in actuality a time for rest and preparation. We would put a heavy emphasis on the preparation part, for as sure as November winds blow, December deadlines are creeping up behind them.

What has this to do with beauty? Everything! As your partner in the beauty biz, we want to help you do the groundwork so that this December keeping up a beauty regime is your last worry.

Let’s start with makeup and Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. Jane Iredale is lauded as the “skincare makeup” brand. This is by design, not accident as founder Jane Iredale set out to create a makeup that actually nourished skin instead of drying it out. As an actress and model, Jane knew all too well the negative effects years of harsh products could inflict on our skin. JI makeup has no fillers, perfumes or preservatives. There are no artificial colours. JI is a medical grade product used by beauty professionals worldwide and sold only by these same professionals. We LOVE the fact that this makeup will moisturize as you wear it, provide SPF coverage, and will not clog pores. What we REALLY LOVE is that it is animal friendly. The Leaping Bunny label means that this product has been certified as cruelty free and no animals were involved in its testing in any way.


You need to moisturize! Okay. So you know this already, but did you know that in order to successfully moisturize you must first properly exfoliate? Exfoliation will remove the build-up of dirt and dead skin to allow your moisturizer to really get in and do its work. We recommend Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant because it works great on all skin types and is a genetic rice-based powder, (meaning no plastic beads in our waste bins!). Facial treatments are another way of preparing skin to absorb your moisturizer. How would you like the benefits of a facial without missing an afternoon of work? Dermalogica Microzone treatments can freshen up your skin in the space of half an hour. Our Spa Junkie professionals know just how to customize your treatment for your skin type and specific concerns.


Moisturizing should also be customized to your skin. Whether it’s anti-aging, pore minimizing, brightening or all of the above, our estheticians can accommodate, as they assess your skin type and help you find the product that will give the best results. One fabulous anti-aging line is the Canadian made GM Collin brand.  Originally founded in France by a dermatologist, we LOVE how it helps hide the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while revitalizing and protecting your skin.


Last but never least, Brows. Properly shaped and sculpted brows are the final touch to a finished look. Spa Junkie is known for brow work and specializes in creating the right shape by following your own natural hair growth pattern. No artificial, frightening eyebrows here. That is so Halloween and Halloween is so October and October is so over! (We LOVE the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit!)

So this November, we encourage you to use your frosty gap month as an opportunity to take on December and all of the craziness that it brings with it. You will be so happy that you did, (and it will show all over your face!)

Until December ~Cheers!


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