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This Spring, Give Yourself a Lift

Hey Spa Junkies! It’s finally spring! It’s been a long, cold winter, and throughout that winter, our professionals have been working, learning and perfecting new techniques so that when you finally take those first steps into the sunshine, you are looking out through the most beautiful eyes possible. {...}

OMG It’s finally summer!

All of those months of cold and dark are forgotten and all of us are looking for the same thing. To get outdoors! {...}

Complimentary Consultations

Did you know that we offer complimentary consultations for both skin care and makeup? Maybe you have questions about what skin care product is right for you? {...}

Booking ahead

Have you considered pre-booking your appointments? Here are a few reasons why you should! {...}

So, it’s November

That dark month between fall weddings and Christmas festivities feels tiresome and boring with little in the way of excitement. BUT experience has taught us differently. It has taught us that these in-between months are in actuality a time for rest and preparation. {...}

Why Sugar?

There is often some confusion when we talk about sugaring services in the “southern region.” Before we explain what is what, here are a few facts about this amazing product! {...}

Winter is Coming…

Sorry ladies, Winter is coming…and not just for Game of Thrones enthusiasts. It is coming and it is coming to Ottawa which means it won’t be gentle. When the temperature drops and the wind starts biting back, you need to be paying special attention to your skin and skin care. {...}

What’s Spa Junkie all about, anyway?

We live it every day – that Spa Junkie thing – so when someone asks us what Spa Junkie does, we have to stop for a second a think about how best to describe it. Because we’re more than just a Spa aren’t we? (hint: yes!) {...}


You know what they say about change being good for the soul? It’s true. {...}

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Our team are all spa junkies in their own right. We’re passionate about what we do,
which is why we spend our waking hours honing our craft – it’s a beautiful thing.
That’s how we know you’ll love your visit to Ottawa’s Best Spa.

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