Skin Bar


Maintenance Facials with dermalogica - $50

Boost your skin and keep it vital and refreshed with the perfect skin care solution for busy girls on the go. We take the dermalogica MicroZone™ treatment as our base and take it to the next level of skin care. Economically priced at $45, our compressed Facial Treatments offer high-intensity, accelerated skin care solutions, delivered in just 30 minutes!

Not only do we LOVE the dermalogica skin care line, but we think these compressed skin care treatments are the clear answer to skin care maintenance when you are short on time and yes, even budget. What’s more, our unique skin bar format means we can customize and adapt your treatment on the fly.

Using advanced exfoliating options and nourishing hydrating products we provide you with a fully customized facial specifically tailored to your skin type. We like to think of it as a treatment that has all the core elements you need without the fluff! 

Whether soothing and calming or active and exfoliating we have you in and out in 30 minutes, taking care of every little aspect.  Starting with cleansing (don’t worry we won’t mess up your eye makeup!), we take you through the appropriate exfoliation for your skin and address your key concerns. We can even match and finish you with our Jane Iredale Mineral powder, sending you back to the office glowing and flawless!


Treatment Options

Don’t forget that like everything we do, we will select the right treatment and customize our approach and application, accordingly to your skin and needs. We begin with microzone treatments such as Flash Exfoliation, Age Repair, Skin Soothing, Moisture Boost, and Oil Control, but customize them for your unique needsm taking them to the next level.

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