Make Up Bar

Make friends with your makeup

So let’s be honest here.  How many powders do you have sitting at home?  How much make up have you bought and never used?  Well, we have good news:  help is here!

Navigating the world of makeup is confusing and intimidating, so we are taking a new approach to an old problem.  At Spa Junkie we break it down for you and put the power of beautiful finish in your hands.  Can we do makeup applications – yes.  But we are more interested in helping you, our client, with your specific needs and wants.  And if all you know is that you want to look better and feel better, then we will spend time with you to figure out what looks best and is most realistic for your needs.

We do this all with the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup line.  You have to know we are crazy in love with Jane.  As makeup artists it is totally fulfilling to work with such a quality product line. We could talk all fancy words, but let’s keep it simple - it rocks!  The philosophy, the finish (OMG!), the quality and pricing -- everything about it is stellar.  We invite you to experience the difference.


Your Makeup Base and The Art of the Perfect Match

Don’t like the finish of your makeup?  Can’t find the perfect colour?  Maybe, it doesn’t give you that polished and radiant finish. Sister, we know all about that.  

Simply, the Jane Iredale bases (especially the powders) give you a beautiful polished look, and great coverage without looking like you are wearing makeup, even if you have lots of fine lines and wrinkles – really, believe it!  Moreover, the powders provide all day spf protection.  So you look good and you are protecting and treating your skin.

Make Application?  Yes we do!

Application $50  Add Lashes $15

Knowledge is Power – When Properly Applied
(just like makeup)

We're breaking it down so that you can get the look you want and - most importantly - achieve it at home every day. There's no point in trying to cram everything you need to know about a makeup into one lesson when you probably won't remember it all once you get home. We are going to help you invest your money wisely so that you get the look you want and know how to apply it too! In two sessions we will take you from zero to fabulous and leave you standing on your own two feet, brushes in hand in front of the mirror.

The Help Me, Fix Me Sessions – Steps to a Flawless Finish
75 minute, one-on-one Session $125.00

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Spend over $100 – get $50 off


The Basics…it all starts here.   

This session includes selecting and matching the best base finish for you, whether it’s just powder or fuller finish foundations.  A complete base session also includes selecting makeup brushes, concealers, blush and lip colour, mascara, brow enhancers and primers.


The eyes say it…lips finish it.

In this session we will focus on the colours and look you want for your eyes and lips.  From clean and simple to more complex makeup looks.  Again, you will be learning how to apply your own makeup so you’ll always get it just right.


SOS - Start over from Scratch!

So here you are with a drawer full of makeup that you don’t know how to use but can’t bring yourself to throw away.  Let us help you make the most of your investment.  Bring everything you have!  With you we will organize what you should keep, what needs to go and what’s missing.  This session includes helping you with makeup application. Let's organized sister!
75 minute, one-on-one session $125

All organized and still need some products?
10% off all products with this session!