Brow Bar

What we hear most often: "I don't like them too thin". 
Of course you don't!


Sister we're not that kind of place. Perhaps you had a bad experience or you're just not getting your best look. We want you to know that your brows are safe with us. We revere your most important accessory; correctly sculpted, tweaked and primped to suit you, not some 1930's silent movie star. In the right hands, and when carefully crafted, you will be amazed at the results.

You might think there's no hope but don't despair! Beyond overhauling your brow to its best potential, we also have some amazing products on hand to help fill and enhance your brow easily, and naturally.

Seated in our specialized brow chairs in natural daylight, we analyze your brow shape and growth pattern and discuss your brow wishes. You are comfortably reclined as we gently remove the hair. We complete the shaping by taking another look at you seated to ensure everything is perfect.

And naturally we don't want to send a sister out looking like she's had some work done. So every brow shaping is completed with Jane Iredale Mineral Powder, matched to your skin tone. Jane powder not only conceals, it calms the skin and provides SPF protection. Voila! You can skip out of work on your break and return without anyone knowing - it's our secret!