We are serious sister…

Before you get down to the business of reviewing our services we want you to know what is behind everything we do. At Spa Junkie we are passionate about making beauty.   That means we are specialists; combining advanced products and techniques with skill and artistry in a select offering of services.   We spend a lot of time training and share knowledge with each other on an ongoing basis because of that passion and commitment to our technique and skills.

What makes us so very different (apart from all the great things we do) is our technique.  In particular, you will notice a huge difference in our waxing and sugaring – what we call our “gentle technique”.   Because we have very specific standards in our waxing and sugaring every staff is assessed and guided to work in this way when they join us – even if they have been in the industry for many years.  Rest assured, we don’t let anyone loose on you until they are fully versed in all the areas of our standards!


Sugaring…it ain’t easy

Because it takes time, and honestly years to develop a high level of expertise in the art of Sugaring we offer 3 price levels:  Master, Regular and Junior rates. As part of their introduction and training in our Sugaring certification, a newly trained staff will be offered to you at our Rookie Rate of 50% off.  You get a great deal, and our staff have a conducive environment to build and hone their skill.

What do the different levels mean?  A junior has graduated from being a Rookie and is conversant in the technique and all the intricacies of the Sugaring method.  Our regular rate reflects proficiency and the high level of service that is our “standard”.  At the Master level you will have someone who has spent many years perfecting their technique – kind of like you see in the hair industry.    There will always be Regular Rates available and sometimes Junior.  What we love is this gives our clients lots of options when it comes to their hair removal budget!


Here’s where you help…

We also like our clients to participate in training when we have new staff.  If you have subscribed to our e-newsletter, you will occasionally receive an invitation to act as a model to help us with training staff or working with new products or techniques.  The bonus?  Services are deeply discounted (sometimes even complimentary).  We love your help and like to keep you involved in our business!